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today there's over 550 organizations that are joining us in national voting registration day as well and also an important improvement in california now you can register to vote online and i wanted to encourage people to register to vote online the november 6th election is coming up quickly a critical national election. >> thank you. supervisor avalos. >> thank you madam clerk just a couple items. just a note a resident of district 11 mic brown has been moving around with a bus in areas where there's a low turn out and doing out research to ex fell ons eligible to vote
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and might not know they are eligible to vote and i want to commend mic brown for his work in the community. remember last year i had a hearing about america's cup there local business inclusion plan making sure we were hitting our stride and benefitting from america's cup events and hiring local residents in some of the temporary jobs in the staging and signs that are going up i've heard from some members of my community including members of the carpenter's local 22 and the local 510 that perhaps america's cup is not living up to its obligations around the inclusion plan so i want to have a hearing to look
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at the status of how we're meeting our obligations and making sure we're hiring locals so in the next couple of weeks i'll be having that hearing and i have an announcement about an important event in my district you may remember that on august 7th there was a fire that effected 8 businesses on ocean avenue and these businesses are struggling to get back on their feet lost a lot of you know revenue they are closed down right now so there's going to be a fund raise er this sunday september 30th at the inglesidee,
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pres church it's going there's an opera singer with an inat the marion /apbd scholar and a winner of the met politan opera it's an incredible venue a wonderful church but the acoustics here are really incredible for musicians and artists of this caliber and a great cause. in the wake of that fire that happened last month so that will start this coming sunday september 30th at 4
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o'clock. 1345 ocean avenue. >> thank you supervisor avalos mr. president that concludes role call for introductions. >> the next opportunity for the public is to speak generally for 2 minutes including those items on the adoption please note that public comment is not allowed on those items which have already been subject to a board committee. speakers using translation assistance will be given twice the amount of time and if you want it to be on the overhead project or. >> first speaker please. >> good morning i
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would like to accept the newspaper examiner today which i would like to have each one of the supervisors receive one ladies and gentlemen good afternoon i'm going to make it very short i have hear as much as i give the mayor today i asked him to be honest to stop harass harassment give fifty percent of the vote to be the sheriff but the mayor's friend had received it only 37 percent i don't know yet that made them the mayor angry because he lost the job or what enough is enough mr. mayor you see and read my message
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and enough is enough again i would like to see the second person behind me to continue whatever he wanted to say about his issue. thank you. >> thank you next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisor. stop the corporate rate from the friends of the library don't accept money from the friends of the library. not only feeds on the public's assets but as you know the friends of the library made a commitment that it would raise 16 million dollars for furniture and equipment for the libraries. the department of public works can only count for 3.6 million
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from the friends yet the library claims there was 5.1 million donated from the friends. the library admits no documentation to support that figure no information available one year later. not only does this claim violate the branch library figures but if these figures are true it shows the friends only donated 4.9 million over an 11 year period would themselves be a lie. can you imagine in other institution in the city where a private organization is given a license to sell naming -- [inaudible] the entire record is clear the library commission endorses a president found guilty of official misconduct.
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the library is the most diss functional and management failures no accountability because private fund raising interest are what matter. the benefits flow to private interest and the lies are more than the money. >> next speaker. i would like the screen to remain on display through my entire talk. i was really shocked to hear one of the members of this board of supervisors give their blind allegiance to the mayor and total trust to his decisions let's talk about some phases of the mayor's tenure i won't run for election well we know how that turned out. i'll take control of the sheriff's department using a charge of official misconduct and in
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between i'll ignore official misconduct in officials under my control. the ethics commission had a hearing yesterday regarding the president of the library commission she was found in violation of the sunshine ordinance. and she was also recommended unanimous ly for removal from her position she has learned her lesson if you can't silence the public send the police department who showed up at my home un announced and i called the letter the wtf letter two reasons: one here's some comments that the library commission president made on the there were public ly put on
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the library's website and also appeared in the san francisco examiner i know 12 people who would fing bury him he doesn't know who he's fing with. i used to grow up in the get owe and carry a straight razor. she should be removed. >> hello. my name is vivian, [inaudible] i'm speaking as an individual on my own time in the jewish religion tonight is the eve of it has been nearly 10 months of repent ance, yom, kippur requires
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us to extend the apologies and accept the apologies. long ago came to terms with the isolated incident. it's come bent on us to accept the apology we must use the power of foregiveness and acknowledge the good that can come from bad. he has grown as a person and husband and father he values the sanctity of family. as he embraces the family and friends that surround him he daily demonstrates humanity and civility. he knows what it takes to rise up over adversity and make a change for the better as sheriff he will recognize that the same potential of the people in our jails. he well knows now
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that with resources and determination people can reconstruct their lives. he's determined to make a difference in the criminal justice system we voted him in as sheriff to do just that we must not be a vindictive society one man one family needing one vote from you to let them have their lives back then we can face a new year with justice preveiling. >> next speaker please. >> good afternoon. my name is [inaudible] and [inaudible] we are members of the audience of 10: 10 am a spanish format radio talk show which the supervisors here two of them are
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frequent visit ors campos and supervisor avalos and you are welcome we'd love to hear with you we're bilingual and your welcome. so we decided to pull together to members of the audience that can not be here. san francisco sacramento and 1170 in the valley and this morning we opened the phone lines to the audience and to talk about the issue of [inaudible] which is a so here we are and we're representing here [inaudible] his wife and business partner and the
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audience of our 10: 10 am. spanish in spanish. >> thank you. ma'am, ma'am? your time is up
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thank you. >> speaking in spanish. >> next speaker. okay next speaker. >> okay. if you could -- [inaudible] there's a lot of people who called in. >> well actually every speaker is allotted two minutes a certain amount of time. i'm sorry it's against the board rules we're not able to yield group time like that. if each member would like to speak. >> you know i mean --
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speaking in spanish. >> okay -- i'm participating in 10: 10 a.m. in california and i want you to have this submitted this in the records for the supervisor in san francisco because we really wanted to listen in the audience because it's not only five or six of us who are asking you to -- [inaudible] there is many people in the audience that are calling to the station and asking why this is happening so is there any justice in san francisco? are they going to be doing the same thing once again? so it's
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why i'm asking you to use this as the record to post in record then you can listen and you can have a sense of how many people is asking to re-in state -- and i don't live in san francisco but i live in redwood city work as a volunteer but also i work in san francisco as a community organizer and i can not let the elected officials in my county san mateo county -- this is about justice this is about your community not with -- it's at least this is
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your time to honor why are you here working because when you were running for supervisor -- [inaudible]. >> speaking in spanish. >> speaker speaking in spanish.
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>> okay. speaker speaking in spanish. supervisor september 25th. representative of san francisco -- speaking in spanish. >> hi, i'm a resident of san francisco i address you as a citizen and border of this city. >> speaker speaking in spanish.
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>> we respectfully ask that -- be re-instate d. >> speaker speaking in spanish. >> what's happening in the city of san francisco i ask you to stop it. >> speaker speaking in spanish. >> the mayor has
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used too much resources in the political -- [inaudible] should be utilized for the well fair of our community. >> speaker in spanish. in addition this process has been [inaudible] for attempting to -- [inaudible] allegations of perjury. >> speaker speaking in spanish.
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i'm sorry. >> his family is an abuse of power suspended without pay denying him the opportunity to the due process.
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>> clapping. senior, gracio u.s. >> next speaker? >> that's it that's it. >> okay is that it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you very much okay next speaker. >> yes, sir we need the over head. >> yes i'm a 54 year resident of san francisco. i'm from fill more california. the aacp
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voter registration drive the children who died in 1963 in an act of terrorism by a group of ku, klux clan niggers meaning lowly and degraded persons that's my soul responding and it's responding to radio station k p.p.o. i'm not diversity and all directions at the same time that's kpoo and they deserve consideration for from this board. i notice a lot of people don't care about public comment i hope they are 99 percent take notice of that. a lot of supervisors. at any rate, on the july
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31 st agenda item number 58, 12 zero 7 zero 8 that was an amendment not to exceed 9 million, 3 hundred and 54,7hundred for a profit making entity. kpoo is non profit. the diversity of music, people, opinions you can't match it anywhere in this land and i hope you people you supervisors will get behind my supervisors, supervisor christina -- [inaudible] and her support er supervisor campos to help out. >> thank you speaker. next speaker. >> my name is paul -- [inaudible] hello again i didn't come to sing in the opera so i'm not going to be singing i
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apologize for that. um what do we do today? we approved over one billion dollars of bonds for the san francisco airport congratulations 2 billion dollars of debt wonderful what else did we do today? we developed properties all the redevelopment properties in san francisco are like now added to a commission that's basically sent to the office of the mayor. >> sir? sir? you cannot speak on this particular matter. >> excuse me -- i'm going on. >> the item is on the agenda sir and you are not able to speak on that item. >> it's finished. >> okay please continue. yes please continue. >> hello?
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all right so these types of we're are in the hundreds of billions of dollars already get added to what's going on in treasure island and hunter's point public property for private gain. now we have the mayor's office merging with the housing authority for federal funding and nobody can oppose any of this stuff and this is called organized crime and we have a very smooth operation working here that violates the brown act and state public records act and amounts to be a criminal enterprise. i filed a case against the mayor the chief of police, the acting sheriff the city attorney and district attorney for what
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happened around 3 or 4 days in june of this year where we had a bomb threat here in city hall i was in the room and you know we can't even get the case heard because the sunshine commission is no longer meeting. this is out of control we've gone to ethics we can't get a prosecution it's time to recall the machine thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> my name is lynn -- [inaudible] all of you in the room know that because you are aware of sunshine casey even though i look at some of you it's very disappointing and there's some of you i do have a smile for and i'm curious how you
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are going to vote on rossmoor and it's very interesting to look at a mind-set just because you are familiar with the law that you manipulate the law and people are really going to get if he fed up with that and one thing that you did that i anticipated you would do and that's de commission sunshine and that's something that has the city stamp on it because i said you would do it and you did do it and paul said it 30-days before you did it and i have something to say you are not the smartest guys in the room regardless of your educational background and obviously it never occurred to you that i had tutoring with sunshine i had someone that